How To Start A Successful Lifestyle Blog From Scratch

Starting a lifestyle blog in 2021 is no less than a beautiful goal. Here, I help you learn how to start a successful lifestyle blog from scratch so that you get a little closer to your goal. I will show you all the important steps you should know about lifestyle blogging and how to be a lifestyle blogger. I have been asked this from my followers to do a lifestyle blogging tutorial on my blog. So, here it is!


A lifestyle blog is a more general blog which is less niche specific but it is equally valuable. It can be a little tricky to actually describe what a lifestyle blog is all about but it can be done easily. When you choose to start a lifestyle blog, you just need to be transparent of who you are, and what you’re going to do with your blog.

Most importantly, you should have a unique point of view about your lifestyle. This will help you find a blogging voice. Let me remind you. Lifestyle bloggers are successful as niche bloggers, but those bloggers define their blogs well. In lifestyle blogging, you can write, and share almost every category including food, fitness, home decor, budgeting, happiness, career, beauty etc.

The most important thing which will get your lifestyle blog noticed is your own lifestyle.

Figure out what it is, and how it will impact others?

how to start a successful lifestyle blog


Many bloggers are not sure what steps to take to create a lifestyle blog from the beginning. Read this tutorial as you take steps to create your own blog.

Blogging is a lot of fun and creativity. Just remember to put your heart and soul to it, and you will have a wonderful blog. Be authentic, help your readers, hone blogging skills and learn to be an awesome blogger.

Briefly, enjoy blogging!

It doesn’t have to be a typical boring activity. It should keep your creative juices flowing. Your posts should impact other lives in some way. Honestly, there’s so much you can do with even with a lifestyle blog.

The best thing about lifestyle blogging is that it gives you more freedom to write on a variety of topics.

This is what exactly you can do to inspire others.


Here are 6 important steps to help you learn all about how to start a successful lifestyle blog from the beginning. This process will walk you through significant steps you can take today to start a self-hosted website that you can monetize also to make money from a lifestyle blog.

Let’s get started.


The first step in lifestyle blogging is choosing a niche. Even if you want to create a lifestyle blog, a niche is important. There’s too much competition in blogging that you need to give people a really good reason to come to your blog over other blogs.

So, how to choose a niche for a lifestyle blog?

Have a clear focus. You need to have a clear purpose to get successful in lifestyle blogging. Think of some combinations of ‘College girl lifestyle’ or ‘Young mommy lifestyle lessons’. In both of these examples, it clearly shows that who you are, and what you’re going to do on your blog. You can also choose two main niches and combine them into one. The main tip here is to develop a crystal-clear focus. Your blog should define what it is all about, and who you are you. I hope you get the idea.

By the way, it’s okay to write on different topics, but make sure to set clear dimensions.

Pick a niche = Figure out who you are, define your niche and the aspects you’re going to cover on your blog.

Next step in starting a lifestyle blog is to choose a domain.


Before we get into the blogging platform and hosting, you have to decide a domain name. It’s so important to have a custom domain for your blog.

Your domain will look something like this ‘’. The custom domain doesn’t have to be associated with, or This custom domain gives you the complete ownership of the domain and no one will ever claim your domain.

I use Namecheap to make all domain name purchases. It’s so simple, and easy that I love using it every time. Check your domain name availability on Namecheap.

There are few options you can go with. First, simply use your own name as domain name. The second option is to merge your name with a creative word. Another option could be to come up with a completely different, unique name. But, always try to pick the domain with the same name of your lifestyle blog. Choose a name that’s easy to use, and remember.

Or, when you go with bluehost as I discussed below, you will get a FREE DOMAIN name for one year. If you are starting a blog for first time, then of course, it’s a savings!


The next important step to start a lifestyle blog is to choose a blogging platform.

When it comes to blogging platforms, I wholeheartedly recommend for a lot of reasons. As a blogger, you spend a lot of time on your website for performing different tasks. Your website adds a unique value to your personality. Of course, as a lifestyle blogger, you would want to personalize it on your own. That’s where we need the best blogging platform which gives us flexibility, friendly user experience, and tutorials to get started.

WordPress clearly wins it! Even if you have zero technical skills, is still easy to operate. You will just have to spend a few hours, and there, you start loving it.

You can’t start a self-hosted WordPress blog without hosting. Your website needs hosting!

This takes us to our next point, website hosting.


There are many website hostings that allow you to host your website at different plans. As you’re just getting started, the basic plan will be the best to host your new lifestyle blog.

I happily suggest to get started with Bluehost for a lot of reasons.

  • Awesome PRICE. It’s comparatively the best host when it comes to price features. As low as $2.95/m, you can start a money-making blog.
  • WordPress PRO – Get detailed wordpress analytics, security and other backups in one place.
  • FREE domain for one year
  • FREE SSL certificate
  • One click wordpress installation
  • 24/7 support

If you use my special link, you get an additional discount and get started with only $2.95! CLICK HERE FOR SPECIAL PRICE.

Now, let me help you with all the steps so that it gets super easy for you to create a lifestyle blog.

STEP 1: Choose the plan.

Click here and choose the basic shared hosting plan for only $2.95/m. You can choose other plans if you want to have more than 1 websites in future.

STEP 2: Choose a FREE domain name. If you have already got a domain name, just add your domain name and click ‘next’.

how to start a new wordpress blog with bluehost

Step 3 : Fill out the necessary details and just choose the plan you want to use. For beginners, the basic plan is perfect to get started with.

Step 4 – Pay the amount and choose a password for your new bluehost account.

how to start a new wordpress blog with bluehost

The other steps are easy and seamless to follow.

Step 5 – Login to your bluehost account

Step 6 – Just pick a random free wordpress theme and build your website.

And, just keep working on your site!

Moreover, you can start my most comprehensive tutorial to start and launch your site with bluehost.

So, your account is created!

Now, get access to your new blog and start making it pretty!


A theme represents the overall appearance of your blog. It depends on how would you like the design of your blog. As I said earlier, you can always personalize your blog on your own by making little tweaks, and customization.

The aesthetic appeal of the website really matters. It includes color, fonts, images, widgets, etc. Most importantly, the website responsiveness and a user-friendly experience matter. Your website theme gives the first impression of your blog readers. The first visitors will most likely come to your blog again if it’s appealing and provide great value to them.

For lifestyle blogs, there are many options to choose from. I would definitely recommend a theme that’s affordable, pretty and strong.

When you go self-hosted, you can also download and use any free theme available like this one.

However, if you have some budget then I highly recommend choosing a premium theme as it’s customizable, competitive, fast and also offers customer support.

Divi From Elegant Themes is a perfect premium theme for your WordPress lifestyle blog. It’s highly customizable, responsive and easy to install. It comes with unlimited features, tutorials, and support that make the whole theme installation process painless. You can read my complete review of this gorgeous theme.

Investing in a premium theme will give you benefits for a long term. However, if you are tight on budget, you can always go with free themes, and later invest in a paid theme.


The most important step is creating valuable content for your blog. Initially, you can list down all of your blog post ideas in a spreadsheet, and write one pain point you’re going to solve for your readers. The WordPress dashboard is easy to understand. The more you use it, the easy it becomes.

A spreadsheet or a blog planner keeps you more organized when there’s so much to write about. I know the feeling when a new blog gets published, and you’re excited to write more every day. So, this can make you overwhelming.

A simple blog planner will help you identify your goals and results.

You can also download my FREE 12-MONTH blog plan which will guide you all steps for a profitable blog.


Congratulations! Your new lifestyle blog is all up.

Here are some extra blogging tips which help you take your blog in a better direction.

Create social media profiles

As soon as you have decided your domain, and blog name, look for available social media profiles with the same name. If your blog name is unique, you will easily get the same social media profiles on all networks but even if they are not available, add a new word that looks similar. Make sure you create profiles on all networks even if you don’t plan to use it now.

Design a logo

A logo is very important for your blog visibility. Nowadays, creating a logo is so simple to create. There are pre-made templates available online.

Canva is another free and premium tool to make logos and gorgeous graphics. It has premade elements, fonts, and texts which you can simply use to design a logo. I use Canva pro for designing all my website graphics, elements, banners and everything. So, I love it for sure!

Set up website menu

Create a simple menu for now. You can easily find it under the appearance section of the WordPress dashboard. The menu has main pages of your website including home, blog, privacy policy, contact, and about pages. Create all the important pages for your website.

You can also follow this post to do 20 things right after you install wordpress on your site.

Install WordPress Plugins

WordPress is a pool of plugins for almost everything. Too many plugins can even slower your website. So, I don’t recommend installing every plugin. Consider installing Yoast plugin for SEO, Akismet plugin, W3 total cache, Jetpack, Contact Form and Sharebuttons by AddThis.



Don’t consider this a waste of time. Don’t!

At first, set achievable goals. I have been blogging for more than 4 years now and I’m saying this from experience that blogging goals are a must. There can be days when you will feel unmotivated and stressed. It’s also possible that other daily activities turn into big obstacles, and you discontinue blogging. I know this happens with many bloggers.

I would suggest you do goal setting for your new blog. Write it down daily, weekly, and monthly goals for your blog. There should be a blogging to-do-list prepared for you in advance so that you don’t get overwhelmed and keep your focus on blogging. Simply use a planner!


As a new blogger, you will have to first keep your website running, and write content. After that, you need to choose blog monetization methods. How are you going to make money from your website? Do you have physical products to sell? Do you want to make money with ads? Are you interested in affiliate marketing? Do you have the skills to teach?

Initially, just have a clear purpose of how you’ll make money. I have comprehensive blog posts on several of these topics so you won’t have trouble getting the information. But, at the starting, have a goal.

Trust me, making money is totally possible if you know what you are doing!

Simply, get started with bluehost as low as $2.95/m. And, follow the instructions to make a wordpress-ready website.


I’m teaching you things as you’re my best friend, or family. I definitely encourage you to invest in blogging. Accept it or not, if you want to grow your blog and make it a profitable source of income you will need to invest. Again, I’m saying this from experience.

It’s okay if you don’t have a budget now. Save some money, and invest in your blog. It can be paid tools, courses, ebooks, or services. Just invest and follow the step by step process! If you think you will just buy things, and throw them in your drive then you don’t need to invest. Blogging has become a full-time field and people are making thousands of dollars. And, even if you ask a successful blogger then he/she will most likely tell you the amount of expense they made in their blogging journey and they continue to do so to keep their business running.


Consistency will certainly get you successful in lifestyle blogging. Whether it’s an Instagram account, Facebook page, or a complete blog, you need to be active there to get successful. All your efforts go in vain if you fail to achieve consistency. Make a blogging routine, and stick to it. Find your audience, and help them with their problems.

That’s all for now.

I really hope that this post answered all of your questions.


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